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Italian language is part of that Italy full of treasures, culture and magic”, Matilde Leonforte 


Our school is located in the wonderful baroque city centre of Catania, very close to Teatro Massimo Bellini and the beautiful boutiques of Via Etnea. We are based in a strategic position, which may be easily reached and is very close to train and bus stations.

Our school is equipped with all the comforts; rooms are large and spacious, climate controlled in both summer and winter. We have a Wi-Fi network which all our customers may use; moreover, thanks to our modern facilities (projector, overhead blackboard, etc.), we may organise cutting-edge didactic courses.


Our Italian courses are structured in:

  1. Groups (one to more);
  2. Pairs (one to two);
  3. Individuals (one to one).

Fees include:

  1. Didactic material;
  2. Entry test;
  3. Learning day;
  4. Final certificate;
  5. School free Wi-Fi


In our course, we analyse Italian language in a cultural-referred learning path; with the use of innovative language-teaching techniques, students will be led to an interactive way of learning a language.

Our learning program aims at improving all the four language skills: writing, reading, speaking and listening.

In our school you may prepare international certification exams such as Plida and Cils.


Catania in the middle of all Eastern Sicily beauties


Catania is the best town if you want to live Eastern Sicily. Catania is in a privileged position if you want to visit wonderful Mt. Etna. On the slopes of the highest volcano in Europe, Catania is built with the particular volcanic stone that gives the town evocative and elegant colours and landscape. Catania is in the middle between the beautiful Taormina, where a famous film festival is held, and the splendid Syracuse, the cradle of Greek civilisation, where many of the renowned scenes of Malena are set. But other sites, which are less attended but historically important, are very close to Catania. Acicastello and Acitrezza are two ancient sea villages with an unmatchable landscape, setting of many works by Giovanni Verga. From the narrow roads in the two villages Faraglioni and Lachea Island may be admired.


Also known as Moncibeddu (Montebello in Sicilian), Etna is a volcano on the Eastern coast, north of Catania and Nicolosi.

Image by © Marco Restivo/Demotix/Corbis

On Etna, several touristic activities may be made:

  • Skiing,
  • Ice-skating,
  • Trekking,
  • Mountain biking,
  • Speleology,
  • Snowboarding,
  • Excursions,
  • Horse-riding,
  • Yoga,
  • Etna cableway,
  • Taking photographs


Taormina is in an incredibly fabulous position, on the rocky promontory of Monte Tauro, hence the old name Tauromenion.

The town offers cultural events, among which some take place in the ancient Greek Theatre.

Among the most important events:

  • Taormina film fest
  • Festival Taormina Arte


Easy Italy

Short courses of Italian culture

Easy Italy project is born with the aim of teaching Italian language and culture to foreign students, in short, concrete and sensorial courses.

Every course involves students in a direct and active way, so that they may improve their knowledge of Italy and its language, in a learning approach that give them the possibility of tasting art, food, fashion, traditions and the “Italian way of living”.

We aim at refining language knowledge with conversations which are born through food tasting, handcraft objects, short tours in the most beautiful places of Catania and more.

Courses are held in Italian, with language tutors that facilitate the understanding of contents and concrete language learning.

Here follows the list of courses and explanatory leaflets:

  1. The Time all’italiana (Italian Time)
  2. Percorso enogastronomico (Food and wine path)
  3. Street food (arrusti e mangia)
  4. Archeologo per un giorno (Archeologist for one day)



Outdoor italian lesson/lezione itinerante di italiano

Active Italian, an Italian (per)course to foreigners. This is an Italian language and culture course, dedicated to foreign people living in Italy because of studying or working issues. It has a mainly communicative approach to enhance dialogue, socialisation and interaction among students, who will be involved in an active and motivating learning based on a practical use of language. Trips around Sicily are scheduled, together with a series of cultural events and excursions organised on the basis of students’ preferences. Itineraries.


In order to reduce inconveniences foreigners may find in a new town, Centro Didattico Athena gives every student a tutor. Tutors have to help students in all their needs. If they need a specific medical consultation (ex. the dentist), or simply a hairdresser in the area, tutors can give right advice, as they know Catania perfectly.


Foreign students may rely to us to find suitable accommodation. Centro Didattico Athena has granted conventions with property owners, residences and B&Bs in Catania city centre, that is very close to our school. According to students’ needs and their stay, one or another types of accommodation may be chosen.



Special courses:

  • Art history course;
  • Legal and economic course;
  • Medical and biological course;
  • Food and wine courses.

Special paths:

  • Archaeological;
  • Cinema;
  • Intercultural;
  • Literary;
  • Touristic;


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